Autonomous Aerial Delivery
Our Mission: Improve quality of life worldwide by expanding the reach of express logistics

Our systems deliver heavy cargo over long distances, fast.

An end-to-end aerial cargo delivery system:

  • 250-500lbs (100-225kg) payload
  • 300mi (500km) range
  • No airport required
  • No electric charging station required
  • Efficient hybrid-electric powertrain
  • Autonomous flight and advanced safety architecture
  • Autonomous cargo loading and unloading

System Applications


We are a team of aerospace engineers, industrial designers, computer scientists, supply chain experts and entrepreneurs. Our team has a proven track record in UAV systems, with veterans from MIT, Georgia Tech, Stanford, Rice, Embry-Riddle, 3D Robotics, Airware, Honeywell, Google Wing and Uber Freight forming the founding and early team.

Our early team members have both started and sold hardware companies before. At Elroy Air we are committed to transforming the skies to better serve humanity.


Dave and Clint first met at 3D Robotics where Dave led R&D and Clint led mechanical engineering. They teamed up in 2016 to explore applications of larger UAV systems and started Elroy Air. The founders have recruited a talented team of fantastic former colleagues and kind, brilliant people from aerospace, design, manufacturing, logistics, and strategy.