An autonomous platform for middle-mile logistics, humanitarian aid shipping, and military resupply.

The future of aerial cargo

The hybrid- Chaparral is uniquely designed to move substantial volumes of cargo by air between flexible locations with minimal infrastructure: middle-mile commercial logistics, industrial cargo, humanitarian aid shipments, and materiel for sustainment from forward operating bases and ships (with self-deployment) to provide critical aerial lines of support.

mph  /  kts
143  /  125
mi  /  km
300  /  483
lbs  /  kg
300  /  136
ft  /  m
26.3  /  8.01
ft  /  m
19.3  /  5.88

Hybrid-electric powertrain

Our revolutionary hybrid-electric powertrain delivers ample power for fuel-efficient, long-range flights. Flexible fueling options eliminate reliance on charging infrastructure, unlocking a world of possibilities.

Automated ground navigation and cargo handling

The Chaparral vehicle has advanced perception and robotics built in, enabling automated ground navigation and cargo loading for safe, rapid turnaround with minimal operator interaction.

Distributed electric propulsion

Eight vertical and four forward propellers create safety through redundancy, enabling easy access to challenging locations via electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL).

Eight propellers for vertical takeoff and landing
Four propellers for forward cruise

Chaparral is compatible with a range of cargo pods designed to fit your mission requirements

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Onward and upward

Elroy Air is revolutionizing logistics with our autonomous long-range aircraft and adaptable cargo systems. Our goal is to provide point-to-point rapid delivery solutions independent from charging infrastructure.

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