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At Elroy Air we are dedicated to making same-day shipping available to every person on the planet. We’re on a mission to define the future of logistics.


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At Elroy Air, we embody an unwavering sense of optimism that drives us to create a future that is quickly becoming reality. This vision is supported by our X-factor: the collective intellect and diverse perspectives of our team.

Exceptional people, important mission

We’re building a team that is rare in the aerospace industry: a diverse group of safe, kind, inclusive, resilient, and pioneering people. The Elroy Air team is dedicated to putting cutting-edge technology to work — software, controls, robotics, sensing, perception, powertrain, and physics — in innovative ways for a worthwhile purpose.


David Merrill, CEO & Co-Founder, Elroy Air

David Merrill

CEO & Co-Founder

Clint Cope, Chief Product Officer & Co-Founder, Elroy Air

Clint Cope

Chief Product Officer & Co-Founder

Grant Newman, Chief Financial Officer, Elroy Air

Grant Newman

Chief Financial Officer

Jay Wakenshaw, Chief Operating Officer, Elroy Air

Jay Wakenshaw

Chief Operating Officer

Alex Blake, Chief of Staff, Elroy Air

Alex Blake

Chief of Staff

Kofi Asante, VP of Business Development, Elroy Air

Kofi Asante

VP of Business Development

Zach Lovering, VP of Engineering, Elroy Air

Zach Lovering

VP of Engineering

Jason Chow, Strategy & Business Development, Elroy Air

Jason Chow

Strategy & Business Development

Karl Purdy, Federal Business Development, Elroy Air

Karl Purdy

Federal Business Development

Amisha Prakash, Product, Elroy Air

Amisha Prakash


Kat Dawe, People Operations, Elroy Air

Kat Dawe

People Operations

Rachelle Guzal, Digital Systems, Elroy Air

Rachelle Guzal

Digital Systems

Alvin Oswandy, Strategic Finance, Elroy Air

Alvin Oswandy

Strategic Finance

Isaiah Jones, Design, Elroy Air

Isaiah Jones


Terik Weekes, Chief Engineer, Elroy Air

Terik Weekes

Chief Engineer

Buddy Michini, Technical Fellow, Elroy Air

Buddy Michini

Technical Fellow

Grant Lieberman, Vehicle Integration, Elroy Air

Grant Lieberman

Vehicle Integration

Shane Hills, Vehicle Engineering, Elroy Air

Shane Hills

Vehicle Engineering

Matt Michini, Robotics, Elroy Air

Matt Michini


Nur Harell, Airborne Systems, Elroy Air

Nur Harell

Airborne Systems

Jon Reeves, Software, Elroy Air

Jon Reeves


Omar Laldin, Powertrain, Elroy Air

Omar Laldin


Board of Directors and Observers

David Merrill, Elroy Air

David Merrill

Elroy Air

Clint Cope, Elroy Air

Clint Cope

Elroy Air

Darren Liccardo, Catapult Ventures

Darren Liccardo

Catapult Ventures

Chris Moran, Lockheed Martin

Chris Moran

Lockheed Martin

Raj Shah, Shield Capital

Raj Shah

Shield Capital

Defense Advisory Board

Hon. Ellen M. Lord, Fmr. US Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition & Sustainment

Hon. Ellen M. Lord

Fmr. US Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition & Sustainment

Gen. Richard D. Clarke, US Army (Ret.), Fmr. Commander US Special Operations Command

Gen. Richard D. Clarke

US Army (Ret.), Fmr. Commander US Special Operations Command

Lt. Gen. H.R. McMaster, US Army (Ret.), Fmr. US National Security Advisor

Lt. Gen. H.R. McMaster

US Army (Ret.), Fmr. US National Security Advisor

Rear Adm. Lorin Selby, US Navy (Ret.), Fmr. Chief of Naval Research

Rear Adm. Lorin Selby

US Navy (Ret.), Fmr. Chief of Naval Research

Make transformative change across the globe with Elroy Air.

Our success comes from a diverse team of individuals who share a passion for making a meaningful impact. We’re working to enable express shipping to every community worldwide.


Revolutionizing global logistics with the help of our customers, partners, and investors

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Artist rendering of Elroy Air Chaparral with Bristow Livery. Chaparral will carry up to 300 pounds (136kg) of cargo over a 300-mile (482 km) range with its hybrid-electric powertrain and simple, redundant vertical and forward-flight propulsors. Bristow will leverage its 70+ years of aviation expertise to move time-sensitive cargo for logistics, healthcare and energy applications. Elroy Air expects to deliver 100 autonomous-flight Chaparral VTOL aircraft to Bristow.
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Side view of Chaparral in front of an Air Force jet in a hangar.
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Elroy Air has announced that it has expanded its executive leadership to include Alex Blake as Chief of Staff and Zach Lovering as Vice President of Engineering.
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